Aspire Spryte Starter Kit
Aspire Spryte Starter Kit
Aspire Spryte Starter Kit

Aspire Spryte Starter Kit

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Pod vaping systems are great for convenience, but they aren’t the best for people who want to vape affordably – especially if you enjoy coil-killing sweet e-liquids. It’s not great for your wallet at all when your vaping device requires you to buy an entirely new pod when all that you need is a new coil. Tired of overpaying to use your pod vaping device? The Aspire Spryte starter kit is the answer. With its replaceable atomizer coil, it’s one of the most affordable all-in-one vaping devices on the market.

Not sold yet? Well, the replaceable coil system isn’t the only unique aspect of the Aspire Spryte. This is the ultimate pod mod for mouth-to-lung vaping because it has a built-in airflow collar that lets you dial in exactly the airflow resistance you want. Too many pod vaping systems straddle the line between MTL and DTL vaping styles and end up not satisfying either side. You won’t have that problem with the Aspire Spryte because you can always get exactly the experience you want.

Starter Kit Includes:

1 Spryte device

2 Extra O rings

1 Silicone seal

1 Micro USB Cable 

1 Warranty Card 

1 User Manual

2 Aspire Spryte Coils